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    saying on the phone to accept netizens ask

    friends said chen qing county town , the town government to make money make dog eat dog,louboutin pas cher, recently ,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the front door of the government and even the town and the surrounding walls are stripped off ,chaussures louboutin, and sold the land to developers,chaussure de foot, for the completion of real estate for sale . the post wrote,  
    posts lord also questioned chen qing town party secretary of the face of public opinion attitude ,burberry outlet, saying on the phone to accept netizens ask , do not want to explain the matter , but denied that argument. friends have commented , user said ,  
    xu shiwei ,polo ralph lauren, said , said that the building will be  
    office building is the town government building their own , do not require approval . xu shiwei ,jordan, said the the zhecheng several towns to build the offices of land management ,air jordan, agricultural station , he also denied that the local the irregularities development phenomenon ,

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