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    see was referred to on this

    ms. yang said before the incident, she always thought he was just one of the few to borrow money from the object has been to so many people door to debt before they know how big the hole.

    cu zhaomei head, she do not want to say a word. surrounded by her sister and other loved ones, gone.

    has surrendered? the police have yet to get involved

    cathay door of a taxi company,louboutin, twenty or thirty people together, men and women have. they are debt and the debtor hefei safe taxi (safe cathay pacific shareholders) the person in charge of li linze. shocking figures say hundreds of thousands, millions of ... creditors. and lilin ze i already disappeared. encounter creditors dun under li linze wife so he swallowed sleeping pills suicide attempt, has now been admitted to the hospital.

    ms. king said that he is one of the company management in peace, now mainly responsible for the feidong a subsidiary.
    despite people can gather in the courtyard door, opposite the office is closed the door,jordan pas cher, glass doors also close to the words that also left a office building, walk around part of the population, but as long as the crowd a close, and they dispersed.

    2006 and april this year, i have a total of 130,000 yuan lent li linze relatives, 1.2% (interest rate) of high interest rates to attract the driver, he lent the money.

    police said that things are not qualitative, public security also did not intervene. say too much.
    are we talking about when several staff members look out from the office back door with a lot of office.

    before the incident revealed that the insolvent  however, staff representative of this recognition, in the end owed much money.

    site: the office has been unable to normal office

    yao uncle not his relatives,casque beats, the only borrow money from people to li linze, zhang is 120 000. december last year, she has lent li linze 21 million, also covered the official seal of the safe taxi company in the signature. the iou marked the monthly interest rate,franklin marshall, some 1.5 percent, some 1.8%.

    and these creditors are aware of the good years.
    july 16, some creditors in the community have come, borrowed money from the employee that does not yet contain. with an increasing number of creditors door, things grow bigger.

    also to borrow. she also described the relatives the money put into it, another creditor, door to door,chaussure de foot, do not know li linze borrowed the money to the door.
    borrowed since 2009. creditors went to the li linze the villa to find someone. the villa door open, but empty inside.

    the morning of 19 july, li linze really about our police talk about the problem. locate battalion consultation.

    ■ alleged that the owner may borrow tens of millions; his wife attempted suicide by taking sleeping pills to be dun has been admitted to the hospital

    li linze in the end by how much money? the creditors said more than 70 million, said more than 90 million, but li linze nephew responded that the specific amount of
    the event itself,air jordan, mr. wang was reluctant to say too much, ms. wang hospitalized because of taking sleeping pills.

    cathay pacific company, the company is not safe. cathay pacific has just rented a safe venue office. now home because of the large number of creditors,polo ralph lauren, they have normal office.

    staff said, which they also attach great importance, and held a meeting, p>

    liu find that li linze to the back part of the borrower, who knows, since then, li linze lost contact.

    borrowed more than 130 million.

    a doubt: to borrow money or a loan shark?
    see was referred to on this, creditors are also slowly dispersed. ms. wang nephew quickly to ms. wang to the hospital.
    a good thing? interest rates to borrow money month actually reach

    ■ borrow money even to 2% monthly interest rate, the company insolvent, the suspect is the funding strand breaks

    currently, the creditors are actively looking for the public security department report,air jordan pas cher,
    until july 15 during the day, we still want to help themselves do, but the evening, li linze phone able to get through.
    b insider: peace, the leasing company is insolvent?

    ms. yang said, and swallowed sleeping pills in the evening of july 18, when thirty or forty creditors to ms. wang family in the dun. ms. wang finished the medicine, you really swallow.

    from time to time, ms. yang will find li linze interest on the loans, the interest on each collar appointment, to find so many people borrowed money.
    reason: to borrow money for the company

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